Dogs with Jobs – RIP Emma

Visitors to the firm are often greeted by Maggie, our “official” firm dog (see her profile here). But since Jessica Lyle joined us in February, we’ve been pleased to have a “backup dog”- the beautiful, gentle golden retriever Emma. At age 13, Emma was not a dog prone to romping around but she could be counted on for a daily nuzzle. And anyone who thought her slow only had to leave a muffin on their desk to learn that Emma had a good nose – and quick reflexes (right, Alice?).

Sadly, on June 29 we lost Emma to the great meadow in the sky.  We hope she’s chasing around with our “gone but not forgotten” friends Chance, Barley, BJ, Sonny and her best dog friend Syd.  Her time with us was brief but her place in our hearts is secure.

Emma 1


Emma 2

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