Family Law Links

Julia & Doug’s Pick of top Websites for Family Law questions

Department of Justice Canada
Canadian laws, including regulations. See also The Supporting Families Experience Separation and Divorce Initiative found here.

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC)
See in particular, Resources for Parents under the Resources menu.

The Association of Collaborative Family Law Lawyers of Nova Scotia
Information on the collaborative law process.

Family Mediation Canada
Information on the mediation process.

Families Change

An excellent educational website, from the Ministry of the Attorney General of British Columbia, that includes a Kids Guide to Separation and Divorce, A Guide for Grown-ups, A Teen Guide to Parental Separation and Divorce.

Because Life Goes On
The online version (in text or audio) of one of our favourite post-separation parenting brochures.

Family Law Nova Scotia
A an excellent comprehensive site developed by governmental, legal and community organizations

And They Lived Happily Even After
A PDF Guide for Common Law Couples

Online Child Tax Benefit Calculator

Splitting Your CPP Credits after Divorce of Separation
A useful PDF brochure about splitting your Canada Pension Plan credits.

Ontario Ministry of Attorney General (Family Law)
There is a lot of good information here; just remember it is Ontario-based so some of the information will not be accurate for Nova Scotia.

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