Everyone needs a backup…

…even Maggie the firm dog! We are welcoming the arrival of Australian Sheppard Banjo (although, based on the photo below, we may be more excited about it than Maggie). Like most babies, Banjo alternates his time between eating, sleeping, playing and “bio breaks” but he’s happy to meet new people. He’s at the office most days so please ask to see him if you’re stopping by. (If he’s not here, proud owner Jessica Lyle, TEP, has already taken an album full of baby photos she can show.) We all agree – puppies make every day better!


We’re Celebrating!

Congratulations to family law associate Jennifer Kooren, the 2016 winner of the Canadian Bar Association (NS) Young Lawyer Award.  …Read More

Stay Tuned!

We are closed from noon on December 24, 2015 until Monday, January 4, 2016. Turn on your radio that day to hear our Jessica Lyle on Maritime Noon (CBC Radio Halifax) …Read More

Supportive Support Collection!

For anyone (everyone) who has been frustrated with the Nova Scotia Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP), change is coming! …Read More

Dogs with Jobs – RIP Emma

Visitors to the firm are often greeted by Maggie, our “official” firm dog (see her profile here). But since Jessica Lyle joined us in February, we’ve been pleased to have a “backup dog”- the beautiful, gentle golden retriever Emma. …Read More

Graduation Season

With graduation from law school just a couple of days behind her, Katherine Lovett, JD, has rejoined us as an articled clerk. While Katie will work primarily with the family law group, she will spend time in all of our practice areas, including corporate and property with Peter Coulthard and Alex Grant, wills and estates with Jessica Lyle and criminal with Don Murray. We know our clients will enjoy Katie’s energy and enthusiasm. Look for her profile on our “team” page soon. …Read More

Creatures Great and Small

A commotion in Doug Sealy’s back yard turned out to be crows attacking a small, frightened saw whet owl.  Concerned that she might be injured, Doug scooped the tiny bird into a box and brought her into the office to await pickup by the wonderful volunteers at Hope for Wildlife.   …Read More

Best Groundhog Day Ever!

It’s all sunshine here as we welcome lawyer Jessica Lyle, TEP and her estate planning practice. During her more than ten years at the bar, Jessica has gained extensive experience in a variety of aspects of wills, trusts and estates, including tax issues, guardianships and incapacity. …Read More

It’s a Wonderful Life (Dog Edition)

The holidays should be a time of peace and comfort. But time off can’t promise a break from the troubles that cause people to need lawyers. And lawyers recognize that their passion for helping others with problems puts them at risk of succumbing to the same stress their clients experience. …Read More

Show me the money!

Recent news reports have painted a discouraging portrait of the provincial Maintenance Enforcement program. According to a recent CBC story, 58% of court-ordered child and spousal support cases in Nova Scotia are in arrears. …Read More

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