About Us

We believe every client is a firm client with the right to expect full benefit of our combined expertise.

Although four of our eight lawyers practice primarily in family law, the common thread is that our law is “people oriented” in that our non-family work is conducted on behalf of individuals or on behalf of small-to-medium-sized privately owned businesses.

The three partners have known each other since law school and began their practices in the early 80’s. We have practiced together since 1999 while Julia and Doug have practiced together in a family law group since 1991.

We believe that you do not achieve excellence in one area of law without a solid foundation in, and ongoing exposure to, other areas of law.

We share a belief in common-sense solutions; outcomes that are not only legally sound but have considered the practical and pragmatic implications of each choice. We will litigate if necessary but we will not necessarily litigate and certainly not without considering any feasible means of achieving out-of-court settlements.

Our clients are drawn not only from the local community but throughout North America and beyond. They find us through referrals from other lawyers and professionals as well as from the recommendations of former clients who believe in the work we do.

“I would strongly recommend SCC to any person or business looking for true value, with a personal touch.”
- M.
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