Our Client Experience

“I am so appreciative for your belief in the partnership approach. You insisted that your role was to provide professional legal advice and my role was to make decisions utilizing the information. Your expertise empowered me to re-kindle my decision making skills and to be a positive role model for my children. A significant outcome is that the children and I are a team working together to face the challenges of our new family unit.” – V.

“You listened carefully and sensitively, prior to recommending a measured and appropriate approach to each item on the agenda. Your communication with me as client, as well as with other counsel, was gentle but firm, collaborative yet goal-oriented. I wish everyone I know and care about requiring family law counsel, could have access to a lawyer like you. The support staff at Sealy Cornish Coulthard have been unfailingly polite, efficient and responsive.” – C.

“My lawyer put me at ease and instilled a level of confidence that my trust was in the right place. The firm provided the best legal representation throughout my divorce, child access issues and all that this entailed. All choices and decisions you make are informed choices as my lawyer explicitly explained what is being done and why. The billing was clear and fair. Six years after my divorce I still consult with my lawyer when I am seeking a legal opinion.” – M.

“My experiences with my lawyer exceed 25 years and relates to hundreds of cases. I appreciate my lawyer’s broad knowledge of the law; consciousness of costs and realistic expectations regarding the outcome. I still count on my lawyer’s advice on a regular basis and I have no hesitation in recommending my lawyer’s expertise.” – N.

“I recently went through a very difficult divorce. My lawyer explained my options and taught me to think about the consequences of my decisions. When I didn’t understand something, my lawyer went over it and over it until I did. My lawyer was methodical and intelligent, never missing a single detail. More than that, my lawyer was kind and considerate; someone who actually cares about people. My lawyer would never allow me to sign anything that would not be in the best interest for my child and me. My lawyer respected my wish to keep my divorce as amicable as it could be. It has been a long road and a difficult journey, but I would not have made it without my lawyer’s help.” – H.

“Thank you very much for your help over the past several months managing my case. I appreciated the regular updates, the prompt replies to e-mails, and your professionalism. The entire process was made relatively easy because of your approach. – S.

“I will certainly recommend Sealy Cornish Coulthard to my friends and colleagues.” – S.

“The collaborative family law process worked for us. I find in life things that are most stressful to me are things that are beyond my control, decisions being made about me, by someone else who only has a limited understanding of our family situation. With the CFL process these unknowns were eliminated, things were put back in control of my spouse and me, and through effective negotiation, a fair and amicable resolution was accomplished. We have a great parenting arrangement. We both obtained a fair distribution of assets. We continue to communicate positively which is a huge benefit as we continue to parent.” – T.

“Sealy Cornish Coulthard has represented me and/or my business for almost 10 years now. They have consistently delivered superior value over that time frame and have managed to make what has sometimes seemed quite complicated rather clear. I would strongly recommend SCC to any person or business looking for true value, with a personal touch.”
– AP.

“I feel I have my law firm on my side. Their professionalism is reassuring, calming and brings me piece of mind so I can continue life’s challenges without worrying about legal issues. Thanks for helping me over a very rough part of my life”
– TP.

“I was very pleased with you and your firm’s service and expertise at this, one of the most difficult times in life. Thanks very much for your dedication and skill”
– R.

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